Apple Vision Pro is good for many things but drawing is not one of them


Apple Vision Pro is a glimpse of an immersive computing future. It’s possible to get real work done and, of course, enjoy hours of 360-degree entertainment. But, the more time you spend in Apple’s Spatial Computing, they more you also come to understand its limits, and I’ve found a big one.

I’ve been drawing on virtual every computing platform since the late 1970s. First, I did it in BASIC on a Texas Instruments Program Recorder (it recorded to cassette tapes) where I mapped out the coordinates to draw a bird in flight. I later found rudimentary drawing apps on the Commodore 64 and fell in love with MacPaint on the first Macintosh. As I upgraded thorough multiple versions and platforms (desktop and mobile), the one constant was that I could always draw on them. Creating art on the best iPad with the Apple Pencil is not just equivalent to pen on paper, it’s more flexible and arguably better.

Apple Vision Pro and visionOS is the first platform where I find drawing of any kind almost impossible. Now, if you look below, you’ll see that I did create a little bit of art while wearing Apple’s first mixed reality headset, but it was insanely frustrating and difficult.

Apple Vision Pro drawing

It was so hard to do this simple drawing. (Image credit: Future)

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