Black Clover: Best Fights, Ranked

The Black Clover series is responsible for some of the best fight scenes in recent years. Yūki Tabata, the brains behind the anime, wasted no time in admitting that his biggest inspirations for the show were Dragon Ball and Bleach, two of the best manga’s in the action genre.

As a result, it is no surprise that Black Clover has come to known for some of the most immaculate fight sequences. After a successful fourth season, the anime went on hiatus in 2021. This hibernation forced fans to pursue the manga, with season 5 of the show still on the horizon. In this list, we will rank the best fights on Black Clover.

Yuno and Langris vs Zenon

Photo Credit: Yūki Tabata via Shueisha

The fight between Yuno and Zenon was a blockbuster despite Yuno losing and Langris’ joining tipping the scales. The two vice-captains of the Golden Dawn launched powerful spells at Zenon, but he negated their mana with his spatial cubes. During the fight, Zenon acknowledged Langris and told him that he would be the best spatial user if he weren’t alive.

The thought of being second to someone didn’t amuse Langris as he launched a barrage of attacks. Yuno summoned Sylph, and the two launched their halberd into Zenon’s torso, which broke through Zenon’s shield. Yuno told him that he would die and should regret messing with the Golden Dawn and his captain.

Jack Vs. Dante

One of the biggest surprises in Black Clover was the battle between Captain Jack and Nacht vs Dante. Jack launched a flurry of attacks, humoring Dante, who told them that the only thing that can hurt him is Anti Magic.

Dante then turned his focus to Nacht, who was shocked that there is another devil user apart from Asta. He toyed with Jack, and cast gravity magic to make him lose his footing.

Jack recalled a memory from his past, and reminded him that hunting the strong is twice as fun as hunting weaklings. Jack’s magic soared, and he slashed Dante’s gravity magic by sharpening the blades around his body.

With his new blades, Jack launched another wave of attacks, injuring Dante, and stunning Nacht. The fight reaffirmed that Jack might be the captain of a squad named after insects, but he held that position rightfully.

Noelle vs. Vanica

Black Clover
Photo Credit: Yūki Tabata via Shueisha

The fight between Noelle and Vanica was teased since the end of the fourth season of the anime. During the battle, Vanica defeated and impaled Charlotte and was about to land the final blow when she was interrupted by Noelle.

Vanica was pleased to see Noelle and excited at the fact that they’d both gotten stronger. Noelle then revealed that she was Undine’s host, which confirmed Vanica’s suspicions. She launched a wave of attacks, but they were very easily destroyed by Noelle.

Vanica couldn’t hide her excitement about the fact that the blow reminded her of her fight with Noelle’s mother, Acier. While successfully blocking Noelle’s sea dragon roar, she was stabbed by her.

This fueled her even more as she launched her blood spikes at Noelle, who danced around them with ease. In the end, Noelle defeated Vanica and pinned her to a piece of rubble while she enjoyed the feeling of the fight.

This altercation however left Vanica wondering what it meant for their friendship and if they were now rivals.

Magna vs Dante

Black Clover
Photo Credit: Yūki Tabata via Shueisha

The biggest surprise in Black Clover turned out to be the fight between Magna and Dante. Dante called Magna a weakling and a commoner who could not defeat him as he possessed no Anti Magic. In his anger, Magna launched a fireball at Dante who was not phased by the attack.

Dante instead decided that he would not use magic and allowed Magna to attack him, who set up a soul chain deathmatch against him. This confused Dante, as he lost some of his magical powers, while Magna received half the share.

Magna then punched Dante with his knuckleduster, who is shocked that this attack dealt damage. After coughing up blood, Dante retaliated and punched Magna back. The latter reminded Dante of his words, which ended up fueling his anger.

Dante used his spell against Magna, but due to their equalized magic powers, the latter was able to withstand it. Magna punched Dante’s chest, which quickly heals up and he punched him back.

Magna, however, didn’t give up and continued his barrage of attacks against Dante. As Dante was preparing to finish Magna, he ran out of his magical powers and lost his connection to Lucifero.

Dante reveled in confusion, while Magna laughed at him. He claimed that Dante had never had to worry about a mana limit. As Dante punched Magna in fury, the latter grinned before landing an uppercut and knocked Dante out.

Asta and the Captains Vs. Lucifero

Black Clover
Photo Credit: Yūki Tabata via Shueisha

This was the most anticipated fight amongst the Black Clover fandom. The king of devils, Lucifero, recognized that Asta was responsible for stopping him from his manifestations. He caught hold of the demon slayer sword in his hand but was injured by it instead. This infuriated him and he slamed Asta to the ground with gravity magic. The captains attacked him in an attempt to draw attention away from Asta, but he remained unfazed.

Yami and Nacht attempted to keep the devil at bay before they were rejoined by Asta and Yuno. The fight was dragged out, but Lucifero was able to keep them away while dodging the demon slayer’s sword.

Asta and Liebe managed to achieve a higher form of unite, which overwhelmed the devil. In this form, their touch alone was enough to negate magic. Lucifero launched another wave of attacks at Asta, who was now unfazed by them.

This forced Lucifero to fly away in retreat but Yuno teleported the devil back to Asta, who brought the sword down on him. The Anti Magic weapon smashed through one of the horns and slammed him into the ground, knocking him unconscious.

With the overwhelming hype of Black Clover amongst the anime fandom, we are assured that the show would soon return on our screens with even more riveting sequences. But until that happens, we are glued to the manga for all the developments in this popular series.

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