Evacuation orders, road closures in Southern California

With another day of rain drenching soggy Southern California, multiple evacuation warnings and orders are in effect Tuesday for residents in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange and San Bernardino counties.

An evacuation order, which carries the force of law, is a command to leave the area right away because of an immediate threat to life. An evacuation warning is an alert about a potential threat to life or property, and leaving the area is voluntary.

Los Angeles County

Authorities issued evacuation orders for the following areas with burn scars from past wildfires that increased the risk of mud and debris flows, urging residents to gather family members, pets and medications and leave immediately.

  • Santa Maria Road north of Topanga Canyon Boulevard
  • Soledad Canyon Road east of Agua Dulce Canyon Road

Culver City issued an evacuation warning to residents in the Upper Crest neighborhood Monday evening. The warning will be in effect until the end of Tuesday and extends to residents on the following streets:

  • Cranks Road (Tellefson Road to St James Drive)
  • Tellefson Road (Cranks Road to Stubbs Lane )
  • Ranch Road (Tellefson Road to Cranks Road)
  • Stubbs Lane (in its entirety)
  • Lugo Way (in its entirety)
  • Youngworth Road (Ranch Road to Flaxton Street)
  • Flaxton Street (Youngworth Road to Drakewood Ave)
  • Drakewood Avenue (Ranch Road to Northgate Street)
  • Bernardo Road (Tellefson Road to the end)

The Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Works issued a mudflow alert for homes in the burn scar of the 2020 Ranch 2 Fire. Emergency officials issued an evacuation warning to four homes in the Mountain Cove community, which will be in effect through Tuesday morning.

Other areas with burn scars received evacuation warnings, instructing residents to leave now if they need extra time to evacuate or have animals that need shelter. The warnings, which are in effect through at least 6 p.m. Tuesday, include:

  • The Juniper Hills and Valyermo areas hit by the Bobcat fire
  • The Lake Hughes and King Canyon areas hit by the Lake fire, particularly the 20000 block of Pine Canyon Road, the 18000 block of Ellstree Drive, the 46000 block of Kings Canyon Road, the 18000 block of Newvale Drive and the 43000 block of Lake Hughes Road
  • All of Topanga Zone 4 in the northeastern part of the canyon not under an evacuation order
  • In the city of Duarte, along Mel Canyon Road between Fish Canyon Road and Brookridge Road

According to L.A. County officials, shelters are available in two places: ONEgeneration at 18255 Victory Blvd. in Reseda and Marie Kerr Park at 39700 30th St. West in Palmdale. For animal sheltering, the county directs people to the Agoura Animal Care Shelter at 29525 Agoura Road in Agoura Hills and the Castaic Animal Care Center at 31044 Charlie Canyon Road in Castaic.

Ventura County

An evacuation warning is in effect for:

  • The unincorporated region around Ojai, Matilija Canyon, North Fork and Camino Cielo. There is no access to the area due to the storm damage, according to emergency officials.

Orange County

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department issued evacuation warnings for the following areas:

  • Irvine Lake
  • Black Star and Baker Canyon
  • Silverado Canyon
  • Williams Canyon
  • Modjeska Canyon
  • Live Oak and North Trabuco Canyon
  • Trabuco, Rose, Holy Jim Canyon

For more information, call 211. Residents who need shelter are encouraged to make arrangements with relatives or friends, or by calling the American Red Cross at (855) 891-7325.

San Bernardino County

Evacuation warnings have been issued for three communities in the mountains: Seven Oaks, Angelus Oaks, Barton Flats and Forest Falls. The county also warned of potential flooding in and downstream of burn scars in Oak Glen, Yucaipa and Mountain Home Village.

Residents in those communities who need a shelter for their small animals can take them to the Devore Animal Shelter at 19777 Shelter Way in San Bernardino. For help, call San Bernardino Animal Care at (800) 472-5609.

Road closures

A list of road closures as of Tuesday morning included:

  • Near Dodger Stadium just north of downtown Los Angeles, the connector between the southbound 5 Freeway and the southbound 110 Freeway was closed indefinitely by multiple mudslides. So was the onramp from Riverside Drive to the southbound 5.
  • Near Lake Los Angeles, 110th Street East from Avenue K to Avenue I because of flooding.
  • In South Los Angeles, the westbound 60 Freeway connector to the westbound 10 Freeway was closed indefinitely because of an accident.
  • In the Santa Monica Mountains, State Route 27 is closed from Topanga Canyon School Road to Robinson Road indefinitely by overflowing waters from Topanga Creek. Also, mudslides closed a portion of Hillside Drive east of Summit Road.
  • In Covina, Covina Hills Road from Rancho Del Monico Road to Rancho La Carlota Road was closed because of flooding.
  • In Palmdale, East Palmdale Boulevard was closed at 87th Street East.
  • In the Lancaster community of Roosevelt, Avenue I was closed from 60th Street East to 70th Street East because of flooding. In the community of Quartz Hill, 45th Street West was closed from Avenue K to Avenue K-8 because of pavement failure.
  • In Sylmar, the westbound 210 Freeway onramp was closed indefinitely because of weather conditions.
  • In Southeast Antelope Valley, Mt. Emma Road was closed from Cheseboro Road to 87th Street East because of storm activity.
  • In Castaic, Lake Hughes Road was closed from Pine Canyon Road to Dry Gulch and from Lake Hughes Road to Three Points Road by mud slides.
  • In the San Gabriel Mountains, the Angeles Crest Highway was closed in two stretches: from Mount Wilson Road to just west of Upper Big Tujunga River, and from the State Route 39 junction to Big Pines Highway. Also, State Route 39 was closed from the Angeles Crest Highway south to two miles north of Crystal Lake Road.
  • South of Seal Beach, Pacific Coast Highway was closed indefinitely from Warner Avenue to Seapoint Street because of flood control.
  • In downtown Ventura, one of the three southbound lanes of the 101 Freeway near California Street is closed indefinitely by flooding.
  • In and out of Ojai, State Route 33 is closed indefinitely in both directions from Fairview Road to the Ozema Fire Station by mudslides. A video of the area showed chunks of mud and rocks splayed across the road.
  • Also in Ojai, McNell Road from Reeves Road to Grand Avenue and Camino Cielo from State Route 33 to the end.
  • In North Star Ranch, the ramps connecting the 15 Freeway to Main Street were closed for emergency work.
  • North of Silverwood Lake, State Route 173 was closed from State Route 138 to Lake Arrowhead Road for emergency work.
  • In South Fontana, the eastbound 10 Freeway offramp at Citrus Street was closed due to emergency work.


If you need sandbags to protect your home or property, the Los Angeles County Fire Department makes empty sandbags available free to residents at all of its stations, with free sand to fill them at selected locations. To find sandbags and sand near you, go to the county Public Works website or check out this list from the Fire Department.

In Orange County, sand and sandbags are available from certain fire stations, the county yard and some city public works departments. A list with links is on the Orange County Fire Authority’s website.

In Ventura County, two dozen fire stations offer free sandbags for residents, although you’ll have to fill them yourself. The Ventura County Fire Department website has a list of participating stations. The Ventura County Public Works Department also offers a list of retailers that sell sandbags, along with instructions for how to fill and handle sandbags safely.

In San Bernardino County, residents can obtain free, empty sandbags at fire stations across the county, although only some of those stations also offer sand. To find a station near you, consult the list on the San Bernardino Fire Protection District website.

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