Is Janhvi Kapoor Cursed? 5 Shelved Films Including Blockbuster Projects with Suriya and Kartik Aaryan!

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Is Janhvi Kapoor Cursed? 5 Shelved Films Including Blockbuster Projects with Suriya and Kartik Aaryan!


Janhvi Kapoor, the talented Bollywood actress, seems to be going through a rough patch with more of her films getting shelved than hitting the screens. Despite her hard work and impressive performance in “Mr. & Mrs. Mahi,” which released on May 31, the future of several other projects looks bleak. Here’s a closer look at the five major films starring Janhvi Kapoor that have been shelved:

1. Karna

Just this week, news broke that Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s ambitious pan-Indian film “Karna” has been shelved. The film was set to star Tamil superstar Suriya as Karna and Janhvi Kapoor as Draupadi. Despite a hefty budget of ₹350 crore, the project has been put on hold after spending ₹15 crore on pre-production.

2. Dostana 2

“Dostana 2,” which was highly anticipated and set to feature Janhvi Kapoor alongside Kartik Aaryan, has also faced the axe. Fans were eager to see the chemistry between Janhvi and Kartik, but creative differences and other production issues led to the film being shelved.

3. Bombay Girl

“Bombay Girl,” a project that was supposed to showcase Janhvi Kapoor in a lead role, has also been abandoned. The film, which aimed to explore the vibrant and dynamic life of a young woman in Mumbai, never made it past the initial stages of production.

4. Takht

Karan Johar’s historical drama “Takht,” which boasted an ensemble cast including Janhvi Kapoor, faced numerous delays and controversies. Despite the hype and anticipation, the film has now been indefinitely postponed, much to the disappointment of fans.

5. Ranbhoomi

“Ranbhoomi,” another ambitious project featuring Janhvi Kapoor, has also been shelved. The film was intended to be a grand historical epic, but it failed to move forward due to budget constraints and scheduling conflicts.

The Silver Lining

While these setbacks are significant, Janhvi Kapoor remains hopeful and resilient. She continues to work on new projects and is determined to make a strong comeback. Fans eagerly await her next big release and hope to see her shine on the silver screen soon.



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