I’ve been using Duolingo music for 4 months alongside actual piano lessons – here’s what I found


I started casually learning Hindi and Arabic on Duolingo – and I mean very casually – almost a year ago. 316 days ago, to be exact, if you go off my Duolingo streak. As I was learning, I found myself getting a bit bored with the repetitive lessons, and was only really doing one lesson a day for a while purely to keep my streak going, hoping it would get a bit more interesting the further in I got. I almost abandoned the whole app – until Duolingo Music was announced.

Late last year, Duolingo launched its music learning program, initially geared toward piano. The lessons focus on basic music theory, learning note placement on a keyboard, and building and improving your ability to sight-read music notes. This was incredibly lucky for me, because I had started taking piano lessons just a few months earlier!

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