Joaquin Phoenix And Lady Gaga Together. That’s It. That’s The Headline

Joker 2 New Poster: Joaquin Phoenix And Lady Gaga Together. That's It. That's The Headline

Todd Phillips shared this image. (courtesy: toddphillips)

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Prepare yourselves for the dawn of a thrilling new era in the DC universe as Joker: Folie à Deux unveils its first poster, offering a tantalising glimpse into the chaotic world of Gotham’s most infamous duo. Joaquin Phoenix‘s brooding Joker meets his match in the form of Lady Gaga‘s character Harley Quinn. Released just in time to ignite anticipation, the poster sets hearts racing with its captivating imagery. Against the backdrop of a bright spotlight, Joaquin Phoenix‘s Joker holds court, a burning cigarette dangling from his fingers, while Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn arches backwards in a provocative pose, her face adorned with smudged lipstick, hinting at the fiery chemistry between the two characters.

The poster’s tagline, “The world is a stage,” hints at the theatricality and grandeur that await audiences. Against the backdrop of Gotham City, a realm of shadows and secrets, Joker and Harley Quinn take centre stage, poised to dance their way into cinematic history. Take a look at the poster below.

Todd Phillips, the acclaimed director behind the Academy Award-winning sensation, returns to helm the highly-anticipated sequel that delves deeper into the enigmatic world of Gotham’s most notorious villain. Joker: Folie à Deux sees Joker embarking on a tumultuous journey entangled in a complex relationship with none other than Lady Gaga, who takes on the role of the infamous villainess and purported Arkham Asylum psychiatrist, Harley Quinn.

Todd Phillips earlier teased fans with a series of BTS pictures, offering glimpses into the surreal dynamics between the central couple. One striking shot showcases the duo gracefully dancing on a Gotham City rooftop, silhouetted against a whimsical sky adorned with toy-like structures and a surreal, cartoonish moon.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, which impressed audiences worldwide and soared past the $1 billion mark at the global box office, Joker: Folie à Deux promises to push cinematic boundaries once again. The film earned critical acclaim and bagged multiple Oscar nominations, including a Best Picture nod, while Phoenix claimed the coveted Best Actor award.

The film will hit theatres on October 4.

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