Migration Ending Explained


  • The Mallard family successfully migrates to Jamaica and reunites with Delroy, who played a key role in their journey.
  • The Mallard family assists a penguin family in returning to the South Pole, hinting at potential future adventures.
  • The ending of “Migration” emphasizes the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and embracing new experiences.



Illumination’s Migration ends on a high note, with the characters challenging what they once firmly believed to be true. The animated adventure-comedy follows the story of a family of mallard ducks who have lived in the safety of their own pond all of their lives. They are content with this until they meet another family in the process of migrating and decide to embark on a journey of their own. This journey ends up being anything but simple, as they find themselves heading the wrong way and ending up in New York City.

Along the way, they meet a number of colorful characters that teach them valuable lessons and help them accomplish their goals. Despite all of the challenges that the migration presents them, the family learns how much the world has to offer and, ultimately, makes the decision that being homebodies is no longer the right choice for them. Not only do the characters have the chance to learn important life lessons throughout the events of Migration, but so does the audience.


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Does The Mallard Family Make It To Jamaica?

Mallard family in the Migration movie poster

After a long and tumultuous journey, the Mallard family does eventually make it to Jamaica. Mack was the first one to realize that they had finally arrived at their destination, as he noticed that the water was glowing. This was a very sweet moment for his wife, as she had been vocal about her excitement at seeing the unconventional water. It prompts the family of ducks to delight in the beautiful sight and splash around in the water. Quickly after, they turn their heads and lay their eyes on a series of mountains, which serves as further confirmation that they’ve arrived. At this point, Delroy, who is from Jamaica, delightedly confirms that they were in the right place at last.

Did Delroy Reunite With His Family?


Delroy, who is played by Keegan-Michael Key, is a key part of Migration‘s overall story. When the Mallard family discovers that he is stuck in a cage, it pushes Mack to become a more brave version of himself to save him. After he is freed, Delroy becomes an integral part of helping the Mallard family complete their migration to Jamaica, as he is from there and knows the way. It was revealed early on that Delroy longed to go back to Jamaica, and the ending confirmed that he was able to accomplish this. Though, not explicit, it can be assumed that he was able to reunite with his loved ones. While he was flying around in Jamaica, he could be heard exclaiming the names of fellow birds who could be friends or family members.

Where The Mallard Family Goes After Migration’s Ending

image of mallard family standing in the middle of a city street in Migration

While Migration lacks a post-credit scene, it does feature on-screen pictures following the film’s conclusion. These images depict the subsequent activities of the family. The movie’s conclusion hints at the Mallards assisting a penguin family in returning to the South Pole during spring, and the displayed photos validate that they indeed fulfilled this promise. The images capture moments of the Mallard family during their journey to aid the penguins in reaching their home.

What Happened To The Chef In Migration?

The chef in migration is standing in the kitchen in front of the stove.

Though unnamed, the chef was Migration‘s central antagonist and the archenemy of the Mallard Family. He is also the owner of Delroy and keeps him locked away in a cage. His signature dish is called Duck a I’Orange, which requires ducks to be captured, slaughtered, and then cooked. Throughout the entirety of the film, the chef appears to capture the Mallards and turn them into a meal for his restaurant, but his plans are always foiled.

The chef puts Mack, Pam, and Delroy into a helicopter, along with many other ducks, towards the end of Migration. The ducks come up with a plan to pelt him with produce, and this leads him to accidentally open the helicopter’s hatch. As Mack and Pam fall out of the helicopter, the chef is saved by his own net. He is unconscious at first but regains it in time to see the ducks fly off to Jamaica. It is unknown what becomes of him after this, but it is possible that he simply went back to New York because that is where the helicopter was headed.



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How Migration Sets Up A Sequel

At this point, there have been no updates about the potential of a Migration sequel. There are open opportunities, however, based on how the story ends. Though Migration‘s post-credit photos show the South Pole trip in enough detail to not require a follow-up film showcasing that journey, there are still other stories to be told. Given that Mack is now on board with the idea of migrating and is even enthusiastic about it, the entire family is on the same page about wanting to travel.

This means that a sequel can focus on an entirely new story and introduce new characters that the Mallard family can interact with. The family could even join a bigger group of ducks, similar to the one introduced at the beginning of the film, which would expand the probable number of stories and characters even more. Seeing Dax and Gwen as teenagers who no longer want to travel the world with their parents could also make for an interesting sequel.

The Real Meaning Of Migration’s Ending

Migration duck surrounded by pigeons

Even though Migration is a movie aimed at children, it manages to include an important message applicable to people of all ages through its ending. The beginning of Migration sees Mack as incredibly cautious and unwilling to put himself and his family out there. This costs them the opportunity to see what the world has to offer, much to the frustration of the rest of the Mallard family. By the end of the movie, however, Mack has a new outlook on life. He is much more open to traveling and adventuring with his family.

The ending serves as a reminder to audiences of the importance of moving beyond one’s comfort zone. Mack’s decision to make his family happy and set out on an adventure ended up benefiting him in a number of valuable ways. He became a braver version of himself and found joy in traveling. He also got to experience things he never would have been able to, such as flying above the clouds with his wife and children, had he just stayed at home. Though Migration seems like a sweet and simple movie for children about a family of ducks, the Mallards’ journeys can and should serve as inspiration for audiences.

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Migration is an animated adventure-comedy from Illumination and features an ensemble cast including Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, Awkwafina, and Keegan-Michael Key. The cast takes on the role of a family of mallards who has lived in the safety of their pond all their lives and decide to migrate for a vacation. However, when the family discovers they migrated the wrong way, they end up in New York City, forcing them to find a way out and down to the Caribbean.

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December 22, 2023

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