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Supply Chain Security Policy | TechRepublic

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Supply Chain Security Policy

With the increasing reliance on complex and global supply chains, more companies are exposed to a wide range of risks, including theft, counterfeiting, cyberattacks, natural disasters, geopolitical conflicts and regulatory changes. These hazards can disrupt operations, compromise the quality and safety of products and erode customer trust. So, to remain competitive and resilient, it is important that businesses address these challenges.

This policy from TechRepublic Premium outlines the necessary measures and standards that will enhance the resilience of a supply chain.

From the policy:


Encrypt sensitive information: Sensitive information exchanged within the supply chain must be encrypted. This includes product designs, intellectual property, customer data and any other confidential data. Encryption should follow the standards as provided in the Data Encryption Policy.

The download comprises an eight-page PDF and Word document.

This is available to download for $9. Or free with a Premium annual subscription: click here to find out more.

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