What Is Ryujin’s New Instagram Username?

K-pop group ITZY‘s members have opened their personal Instagram accounts, and Ryujin’s unique username has left fans in splits.

ITZY stars Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna opened their personal Instagram accounts to celebrate the group’s fifth debut anniversary. The K-pop superstars unanimously chose a group photo of the members in front of the Eiffel Tower as their first picture on IG.

Itzy members including Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryong and Yuna open Instagram accounts
ITZY at Canada Goose x Rokh x Matt McCormick’ exclusive collaboration collection launch (Photo credit: Han Myung-Gu| WireImage via Getty Images)

ITZY Ryujin’s unique Instagram username meaning explained

K-pop superstar ITZY Ryujin debuted her personal Instagram account with the unique username, ‘iamfinethankyouandryu.’ While other members found ways to include their name or ITZY in the username, Ryujin’s quirkiness stood out.

Ryujin’s username, which translates to I am fine, thank you and Are you, reminds fans of a viral clip of another popular K-pop girl group, Blackpink. In a K-pop ‘meme’ moment, Jisoo showed off her English skills to her fans on a live session, repeating the sentence ‘I am fine, thank you and you’ with robotic hand movements.

Along with Ryujin, other members have shown genius wordplay in their IG usernames. Yeji’s username ‘yezyishere’ breaks down to Yeji+Itzy is here. Another member, Yuna, adds a Korean wordplay with the username ‘igotyuandme.’ Yu refers to her name, Yuna, and ‘me’ in Korean is ‘na.’

Chaeryeong’s username, Chaerrry0, also includes a Korean wordplay. 0 in Korean means Yeong, so Chaerrry0 refers to her own name.

Be it the quirky usernames or the timing of their Instagram debut – this ITZY anniversary feels special to fans. The anniversary fever is also evident from their IG popularity. Within a day of their IG debut, all the members have surpassed 1 million followers.

Ryujin is leading the Instagram race with 1.2 million followers. Yeji is next in line with 1.1 million fans on the platform. Lia, Chaeryeong, and Yuna have all got 1 million followers each within 24 hours of joining.

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