Copper Wire Theft Leaves Hundreds Without Phone and Internet Service in King County

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Copper Wire Theft Leaves Hundreds Without Phone and Internet Service in King County

Copper Wire Thieves Plunge Seattle Suburbs into Communication Chaos!

**Kirkland & Redmond, WA** – In a startling surge of criminal activity, copper wire thieves have wreaked havoc across Kirkland and Redmond, leaving hundreds of residents without essential phone and internet services. The brazen thefts, which occurred overnight on Tuesday, have severely disrupted communication networks, even affecting 911 emergency services in some areas.

**Ziply Fiber** crews have been working tirelessly to repair the damage. Vice President of Marketing, Ryan Luckin, revealed that about 350 customers in Kirkland and 40 in Redmond were impacted. “We’re seeing two or three cuts a week,” said Luckin, highlighting the alarming frequency of these incidents.

The thieves target copper in telephone lines, hoping to sell it for a quick profit. However, the damage they cause is far more costly. Repairs in Kirkland and Redmond could take up to 48 hours, leaving residents vulnerable, especially in areas with poor cell service and extreme temperatures.

“This is vandalism,” emphasized Luckin. “They’re tampering with utilities to make a few dollars, but it costs us significantly more to repair the damage.”

The community is urged to stay vigilant. Authorities are working with local law enforcement to catch the perpetrators and are calling on the public to report any suspicious activity around telephone poles.

### **Impact and Community Response**

The theft has not only disrupted daily life but also poses significant risks. With 911 services compromised, emergency response is critically hindered. Residents are advised to use mobile devices for emergency calls until services are fully restored.

**Local Authorities** are stepping up efforts to combat this growing threat. Law enforcement agencies are on high alert, and the public’s assistance is crucial in identifying and apprehending the criminals. The resale value of the stolen copper is negligible compared to the extensive damage and potential danger caused by these thefts.

**Community Voices:**

– **TomNm:** “Destroyed infrastructure should be a capital punishment crime. It impacts emergency services.”
– **DeputyCletus:** “Only licensed electrical contractors should recycle wire, with hefty fines for violations.”

The community is coming together in response to these incidents, emphasizing the need for increased security measures and harsher penalties for those involved in such destructive acts. Stay tuned for updates as Ziply Fiber works around the clock to restore services and authorities intensify their search for the culprits.

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