My Boss Photos Tease Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan in Wedding Attires

Modern workplace romance C-drama My Boss is nearing its finale. It featured prominent actors Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan in the lead roles. The original broadcasting network of the drama is Youku. Chen Ming Zhang and Chen Shi Yi are the directors of the drama, and Li Jing Ling has written it. The series is an adaptation of the web novel “What Comes Around Goes Around” by Ye Fei Ran.

My Boss tells the story of Cheng Yao (Zhang Ruonan), who dreams of becoming a successful lawyer one day. However, she gets overwhelmed when she is recruited by a big law firm. To make matters easy, she decides to move closer to her office for convenience.

My Boss Photos showcase glimpses of Chen Xingxu & Zhang Ruonan’s romance

Yao reaches her new apartment and meets her roommate, Qian Heng (Chen Xingxu). Heng is hot-headed and likes to keep to himself. Thus, the duo do not get along instantly.

When Cheng reaches her office the next day, she is surprised to find out that Qian Heng is her boss. Moreover, it seems to her as if he is out to get her. She tries hard to get his approval, but her efforts fail. Soon, things start to change when Heng gets to know her. As they continue to work together, they end up falling in love.

Youku has released a number of exclusive photos ahead of the release of its finale. Take a look at the photos below:

Photo Credit: Youku

Fans can see more photos here.

My Boss: cast, streaming details & more

My Boss follows the story of love and dreams, and it will release a total of 36 episodes. Apart from Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan, the drama features Chen Xiaoyun, Li Junxian, He Wenjun, and Li Dianzun in pivotal roles.

My boss is available for streaming on Youku. Viewers can also watch it on Viki.

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