‘Perfect Match’ Season 2 Release Window, Cast, and More

Reality dating shows can feel very samey, but when it comes to Perfect Match, Netflix have got the balance just right.

The hugely popular show features reality stars from other Netflix dating shows like Too Hot to Handle and Love is Blind. It has been praised for its unique format and acceptance of queer couples, while other shows in the space tend to focus on heterosexual relationships. It doesn’t just tick the diversity boxes, though, as Perfect Match has given us all the drama that we crave as reality viewers and more, thanks to its unique format that allows contestants to be judge, jury and executioner for other couples in the game.

While Netflix has a penchant for killing off beloved shows, Perfect Match has managed to avoid falling victim to that curse, and was greenlit for a second season in April last year. So, what will the upcoming season be like? Read on to find out the Perfect Match season 2 release window, cast, and more!

Perfect Match season 2 release window

Netflix Perfect Match
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We haven’t got an exact release date for Perfect Match season 2, and given the content creator has a wealth of reality shows to drop, it’s anybody’s guess.

We have recently had a (slightly controversial) eighth season of Queer Eye, and the fifth season of Love is Blind is set to be released this year too. Season 1 of Perfect Match appeared on our screens on Valentine’s Day last year, so the smart money would be a February release. However, Netflix is a bit of a black box when it comes to this sort of thing, so guessing is all we can do.

Who will be on the cast of Perfect Match season 2?

Player 09 celebrates as they jump onto a safe square on the Glass Bridge while other players cheer them on in the background in Squid Game: The Challenge.
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There have been some heavy rumors that Netflix might be widening their pool of potential Perfect Match contestants by inviting Bryton from Squid Game: The Challenge onto the show. A few other rumors are floating about, but that’s by far the most popular, and as they say, there’s no smoke without fire.

Celeb gossip account Reality Ashley has also thrown some names into the mix, claiming that season 1 winner Dom Gabriel and Harry Jowsey of Too Hot To Handle will be in the second season of Perfect Match.

Other rumblings on fan forums have suggested names like Will Richardson from The Mole, Too Hot To Handle‘s Chase DeMoor, and Raven Sutton from season 5 of The Circle.

Will Nick Lachey be replaced as the host in season 2 of Perfect Match?

nick lachey
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The official Netflix announcement last April confirmed that Lachey would be returning as host, but after his lacklustre performance hosting Love is Blind alongside his wife Vanessa, many felt he could be replaced. Netflix bosses seem to disagree with that assessment, though, and we’d be incredibly surprised if he wasn’t at the helm when season 2 drops.

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