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You can read my favorite current comics for cheap with the Radiant Black & The Massiverse (affiliate link) bundle from Humble and Image Comics. The Massive-Verse is probably my favorite comic book franchise right now. It all started with Radiant Black from writer Kyle Higgins and artist Marcello Costa and has added Rogue Sun from Ryan Parrott and Abel, Inferno Girl Red from Mat Groom and Erica D’Urso, The Dead Lucky from Melissa Flores and French Carlomagno, and more. I especially love how you don’t have to read every series in the franchise. You can literally pick one to follow and never read the others. Sure there are occasional Easter eggs and standalone crossover events a la Supermassive, but they have purposefully made it so that you do not have to read every comic in the Massive-Verse. If I’ve convinced you to even check out any of these tokusatsu-inspired superhero comics, go grab the Humble Bundle for only $15! Valued at $189, this bundle has every current trade paperback currently available for the Massive-Verse! It even includes C.O.W.L. which is also from Higgins! As an added bonus, each purchase will support Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC) which “has helped bookstore and comic book store employees and owners who encounter unexpected financial crises.”

Radiant Black is the story of a down on his luck writer who ends up getting mysterious superpowers from a blackhole-like object. He eventually finds out there are others like him and they must save the world from certain doom. Meanwhile, Rogue Sun is about a teenager who hates everything and ends up with his father’s superpowers when his father dies trying to protect New Orleans. The Dead Lucky follows a vet trying to deal with PTSD and mysterious powers she acquired when an operation went sideways. Inferno Girl Red follows a young woman who ends up inheriting mysterious powers and trying to deal with her college campus being lifted into the sky.

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