Top Performers: Houston Endzone 7v7

This weekend, more than 30 teams gathered in Houston, Texas, to play in the Endzone 7v7 Tournament. The event is one of the best in the country in terms of the talent pooled in one place. There were several dozen prospects across the 2025, 2026, and 2027 classes that held power four offers including several prospects nationally ranked.

Here are the Top-10 performers of the weekend:

MVP: QB Tramell Jones

Tramell Jones, a Florida State commit, was exceptional this weekend. He threw the ball with conviction and near perfect accuracy. His timing, release, and decision making were all on display. While he was playing with some of the nation’s best wide receivers on a loaded South Florida Express squad, his performance likely would have led any team that played this weekend to a tournament championship, which Jones accomplished. Jones led SFE to a perfect 8-0 record, none of which were particularly close. And for context, there were some very talented players on the defensive side of the ball in this tournament, but Jones made it impossible to defend. At no point in the two-day event, did I walk away from a play questioning a decision or ball placement of his.

2. Jaime Ffrench

It should come as no surprise that the top target for Tramell Jones this weekend is not only one of the elite talents in the class, but also a high school teammate of Jones. Jaime Ffrench put on a masterclass of what it means to be a No. 1 target. His route running, his hands, and his ball skills were second to none this weekend. But that’s to be expected with a top 25 overall prospect.

3. Kayden Dixon-Wyatt

The Mater Dei product, Kayden Dixon-Wyatt, was the best 2026 prospect in attendance this weekend. Out of eight games played, I would be surprised if he didn’t score in at least five or six of those games. The ball skills are off the charts with his ability to get airborne and show off the body control and awareness to always come down efficiently. He also repeatedly showed off strong hands and agility in juking out defenders.

4. Andrew Marsh

A top-35 prospect in the 2025 class, Andrew Marsh is the second highest ranked Texas wideout, and he showed why. His release off the line and ability to create separation is the name of the game for him. He also has an exceptional catch radius, adjusting to wherever he needs to be to reel a ball in. The thing I liked most about Marsh was his competitiveness and attitude against other elite talents across from him. He raised the bar and put in that extra effort and gear to make plays.

5. Vernell Brown

Vernell Brown may have the most “wow” touchdowns of the tournament. He consistently made contested catches in the endzone or plays that required elite athleticism. Whether it was one-handed, getting vertical, diving, or toe-tapping, Brown was making it happen for touchdowns. He isn’t the biggest at 5-foot-11, 170 pounds, but his size was never once a hindrance. He was a beast.

6. Charles Ross

One of my favorite prospects that has taken off in recent weeks. Charles Ross, an ultra athletic linebacker, who can also play just about any spot in the secondary. This weekend, he played significant time at both linebacker and safety. His speed allowed him to keep up with the smaller, shiftier receivers and helped him jump routes for some key interceptions and pass breakups.

7. Jermaine Bishop Jr. 

Jermaine Bishop was really impressive, playing both sides of the ball, just as he does for Willis High School. His ball skills and elite athleticism make him one of the best in Texas. He can be a top receiver in the country, but I think his skillset at cornerback can make him an elite prospect.

8. Keisean Henderson 

Keisean Henderson is a name everyone needs to know. Henderson is already ranked as the No. 56 prospect in the country, but that might be too low. Henderson plays quarterback for the Legacy School of Sport Sciences in Spring, Texas, but he is truly one of the top wide receiver talents in the 2026 class, based off what I saw this weekend. He is 6-foot-4, 180 pounds and separates easily in his route running. His hands were on display and while he may continue to sling it, his future resides on the perimeter of the offense.

9. Keilan Sweeny

Keilan Sweeny is just 5-foot-9, 160 pounds, but his ability to get open for his quarterback was impressive. He was a highlight reel for his squad, to the point that defenses resorted to straight double teams off the line, and he still managed to make big plays.

10. Erion Wilkins

The player responsible for the single most impressive play of the weekend, Erion Wilkins was fun to watch. The play that caught everyone’s eye was a last second hail-mary attempt, in which Wilkins was the intended receiver. With four defensive backs huddled around him, the 6-foot-2, 170 pound Wilkins managed to high point the ball and come down with possession in the endzone, leaving defenders stunned. Wilkins plays both sides of the ball and only holds one offer from Illinois State. But if his ball skills and athletic profile say anything, he will pick up more attention.

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