This AI-Powered Transcription Tool Is $50 Through February 18


TL;DR: Voicetapp AI Speech to Text turns your videos, podcasts and conversations into written content, and lifetime access is under $50 from February 12th through the 18th.

We speak a lot in business. From internal meetings to promotional podcasts, it’s easy to generate a heap of voice recordings. But what about turning them into written transcriptions? That’s where Voicetapp can really help.

Powered by AI tech from Google and Amazon, this transcription tool can turn voice into text in 170 languages with up to 99% accuracy. Lifetime access is worth $179.70, but you can get access from February 12th through the 18th for only $49.97 in a limited-time deal at TechRepublic Academy.

There are many reasons why you might want accurate transcriptions. For one, it’s a hard copy of everything that was said. Transcriptions can also be repurposed into content for marketing purposes, and you can use voice-to-text tools to make notes without writing.


Whatever your reason, Voicetapp can help you get an accurate written record in no time. This cloud-based app can transcribe from any MP3, OOG, MP4 or WAV sound file in seconds. It can recognize up to five different voices in the same conversation and identify where to place commas and periods.

The technology works in 170 different languages and dialects from around the world. In addition, you can get real-time transcriptions in 12 languages — useful for understanding business partners from other nations. Because it’s all in the cloud, there’s no software to download.

With this deal, you get lifetime access to the tool, with a commercial license included. The package includes 12 hours of welcome credits plus another five free hours of transcription every month.

To quote one happy customer, Josef W. (CEO & Founder), “The live transcription is just amazing. I can take notes and focus on the speaker at the same time.”

Order Voicetapp AI Speech to Text now for only $49.97 to get lifetime access at the lowest price on the web.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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