Who Is ‘The Bachelor’ Star Lexi Young’s Celebrity Crush?

Lexi Young might not have found lasting love with Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor, but it looks like a couple of other men have caught her eye since filming came to a close.

Lexi had an out-of-the-ordinary experience on the beloved competition series, embarking on a one-on-one date that was straight out of a dream in episode 4 — spending time with the locals and exploring the landmarks in Malta — and quitting in episode 6.

On Monday (February 19), things took a turn for the worse when Joey told the brunette beauty that wants to be engaged for about two to three years before getting married and having kids, which caused her head to start spinning. Coming in at 30 years old and battling endometriosis — which makes it extremely difficult for her to have kids — Lexi was not on the same page, wanting to start a life together instantaneously post-proposal. After determining that their timelines did not match up, the Canadian cutie made the difficult decision to leave the show at the top 10, but her quest for love did not end there.

In a cheeky game of 20 questions with Bachelor Nation, Lexi spilled dozens and dozens of secrets about herself, from her hidden talent, to her guilty pleasure, to her biggest pet peeve, and beyond. She even shared who her ultimate celebrity crush is, which left us with nothing but heart eyes. Perhaps he is her perfect match after all…

Which celebrity (or celebrities) would Lexi love to date?

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When asked who her ultimate celebrity crush is, it was impossible for Lexi to pinpoint just one. Instead, she narrowed it down to her top two, telling Bachelor Nation to “imagine Jacob Elordi and Timothée Chalamet had a baby.”

Elvis mixed with Willy Wonka? Yes please!

Now that things are over with Joey, will Lexi shoot either Jacob Elordi or Timothée Chalamet a DM on Instagram, despite being taken by beauties Olivia Jade and Kylie Jenner, respectively? We will just have to wait and see…

Nonetheless, to find out for yourself who will find their perfect match in Joey Graziadei at the end of season 28 — Jenn Tran, Daisy Kent, Kelsey AndersonMaria GeorgasKelsey Toussant, or Rachel Nance — ultimately securing the final rose and a Neil Lane sparkler, catch brand new episodes of The Bachelor every Monday on ABC, or stream them the following day via Hulu.

Per Reality Steve, the remainder of the season is sure to be nothing short of stupendous — regardless of Lexi’s untimely exit in episode 6 — so be sure to set your DVRs!

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