5 best gymnastic rings for calisthenics

Gymnastics exercises can help you build and improve the strength of your muscles. Check out the best gymnastic rings to build muscle mass.

Bodyweight exercises or calisthenics are an essential part of improving your fitness game. Regular practice of gymnastics can sculpt and tone your muscles. This training forces your body to engage multiple muscle groups, which promotes a balanced and functional physique. It also includes isometric strength training, which contributes to muscle size and definition. The most effective way to perform gymnastics exercises is to use fitness tools like gymnastics rings. It introduces an element of instability during workout, which leads to increased engagement from stabilising muscles. We have curated a list of the best gymnastic rings that can help you with muscle growth.

What is a gymnastic ring?

Gymnastic rings are fitness equipment which helps perform dynamic exercises and fosters strength and overall fitness. These are manufactured using durable materials like wood or metal that feature two circular rings with adjustable straps. You can simply hang the gymnastics rings to a stable structure and perform a wide range of exercises that demands the engagement of stabilising muscles. It provides a full range of motion, which helps promote flexibility and joint health. Additionally, using the best gymnastics rings to build muscle allows you to adjust the height as per your requirements. Besides improving functional fitness, it helps you walk on the journey of improving your muscle strength and achieving a healthy body.

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5 best gymnastic rings for muscle growth

Visiting gyms may look like the best option for improving muscle strength and development. But the best gymnastic rings in India can help you achieve your desires physique at the comfort of your own space:

1. Shopoflux Gymnastic Wooden Rings

The Shopoflux Gymnastic Wooden Rings are made using durable and natural wood. This at-home training equipment is perfect for pull-ups, muscle-ups, dips, levers, rion cross and core exercises. This best gymnastic ring for home gym comes with a textured grip, which is gentle on your hands. Additionally, the heavy metal buckle helps you train and develop your overall upper body strength and coordination.

2. Joyfit Gym Rings

Joyfit offers the best gymnastic rings for home because its product is made with premium Russian Birch wood. It comes with strong polyester straps that provide a comfortable grip. This ring has great load-bearing capacity and it can support up to 880 lbs/400 kg. The anti-slip and adjustable straps help you perform gymnastics exercises at your home with full safety. These rings help you engage your core muscles, chest, back, arms and obliques. Additionally, it promises to help you improve your stamina, build upper body strength, reduce weight and enhance flexibility of joints.

3. FirstFit Gymnastics Rings

The FirstFit Gymnastics Rings is the perfect at-home gym equipment for muscle building. It helps you perform pull-ups, muscle-ups, dips, levers, iron cross and core exercises. This ring is great for using bodyweight to train and develop upper body strength and coordination. It offers a gentle grip for a comfortable workout session. The brand claims that the ring has a thread pattern to ensure anti-skid performance and buckles with teeth for improved stability. Additionally, FirstFit offers a six months warranty, which makes this gymnastic ring a wise choice.

4. Kobo Fitness Gymnastics Rings

If you are looking for the best gymnastic rings for beginners, try this one from Kobo. It comes with an affordable price which allows you to perform muscle building exercises without feeling any burden on your pocket. This gymnastics ring is perfect for push-ups, muscle-ups, dips, levers, iron cross and core exercises. It comes with a heavy metal buckle, which helps develop upper body strength. Additionally, it is easy to install this gymnastics ring and it can support up to 300 kg weight. The textured grip of the strap ensures safety and comfort during workout.

5. Wearslim Professional Gymnastic Rings

The Wearslim Professional Gymnastic Rings are made of high-quality dense Birch wood with ABS construction. This threaded ring has a weight capacity of 500 kg and it features a non-slip surface which ensures safety during workout. The rings are secured by premium polycarbonate nylon straps with adjustable buckles, which allows you to adjust the height as per your need. Additionally, these rings are made keeping in mind the Certified Gymnastics Federation’s dimensions.

How to choose the best gymnastic rings

  • Consider your fitness goals and choose the gymnastic rings accordingly.
  • Gymnastics rings are made from wood and plastic. Wooden rings offer a comfortable grip and absorb sweat. On the other hand, plastic rings are durable and lightweight. Therefore, consider the material of the ring before buying it.
  • Pay attention to the diameter and thickness of the ring because it impact your safety and comfort.
  • Choose the one that comes with high-quality adjustable straps because it helps ensure safety and helps you customise your workout session as per your needs.
  • Check the weight capacity of the rings to ensure that it can support your body weight.
  • Opt the one that has a textured surface because it reduces the risk of slipping during workout.
  • Look for the rings that are portable, easy to install and store.
  • Read online reviews and recommendations as it will help you get valuable information about the product.
  • Consider the brand reputation and choose the ring that comes with a warranty.
    Fix your budget and buy the ring that offers a balance of affordability and quality.

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