Are Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent Still Together?

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for season 28 of The Bachelor.

Season 28 of The Bachelor is officially underway and, after a spectacular date with Daisy Kent left Joey Graziadei admitting “It feels like I’m just on a date with my girlfriend”, it looks like the season can wrap up early. The pair is seemingly perfect for one another!

According to ABC, Joey is “looking for a life partner who is outgoing, caring, and shares his love for adventure and exploring the outdoors.” According to Reality Steve, Daisy fits the bill beautifully, securing the final rose, as well as a Neil Lane sparkler in the end.

The final rose ceremony will occur in Tulum, Mexico, and reportedly will come down to Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent. Admitting that it is “always tough to get any details in regards to how the dates with the parents went or who had which date first and stuff like that,” the Bachelor Nation encyclopedia revealed that Joey Graziadei picks Daisy Kent, but are the two lovebirds still engaged as of January of 2024?

Fortunately, we got you covered. Keep scrolling to find out for yourself…

Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent on season 28 of 'The Bachelor'
Image via ABC

While Reality Steve will not expose any of the sources that helped him draw this conclusion, he is confident that Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent got engaged to one another at the end of season 28 of The Bachelor, and are still together today.

“Just like every season, people will question, people will doubt, and contestants will post stuff on social media to throw fans off. It happens every season [and] this one will be no different, but come finale night, this is what you’ll see. Joey and Daisy got engaged in Tulum, Mexico at the end of the season. Obviously the finale won’t air until mid-March, so who knows what can happen in the next four months, but this is how the season ended.”

Given that Reality Steve’s predictions are almost always correct, it is safe to say that Joey and Daisy are, in fact, together, despite any rumors that may be circulating on social media. How sweet is that?

To watch the love story between Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent unfold, catch brand new episodes of season 28 of The Bachelor every Monday on ABC. With a storm brewing between Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon, the remainder of this season is sure to be nothing short of spectacular!

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