Christine Brown Reveals What She Wanted In A Partner Before Meeting David


  • Christine Brown manifested her perfect match, David Woolley, into her life by listing the qualities she wanted in a partner. She wanted someone who was her “opposite” to Kody Brown, a good communicator, and a bit of a rebel.
  • Christine met David on a dating site for single parents called Stir and knew he was “the one” on their first date. She canceled another date and realized David was the “ice cream flavor” she had long wanted to try.
  • Christine is happily in love with David and her new life without Kody. They made their relationship public in February 2023, got engaged two months later, and exchanged vows in October.



Sister Wives star Christine Brown knew what she wanted in her next partner apart from him being Kody Brown’s “opposite.” Christine, 51, was the third wife of Kody. They have six children and three grandchildren together. Christine’s parents were practicing polygamists. Christine met Kody in 1990, and they became friends while he was chaperoning a youth wilderness trek. He asked her out on Valentine’s Day in 1994 and got married to her in a spiritual union in March 1994. Christine and Kody announced their split in November 2021. Christine married David Woolley in October 2023.

Christine spoke to E!News about how she manifested her perfect match David into her life. I didn’t intentionally have it be Kody’s opposite,” Christine confessed. However, as Christine started listing the qualities she was looking for in her partner, she realized that it “kind of” was what she wanted. Christine wanted a “partner” and someone good at communicating. She was looking for someone who was attracted to her. However, at the same time, Christine was also ready for a “bit of a rebel.” David being bald with tattoos and a motorcycle was a part of the package.

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How Did Christine Brown Meet David Woolley?

Sister Wives' Christine Brown and David Woolley embracing with wedding themed background

I mean, c’mon, bald, tattoos and motorcycles?” Christine asked. “I don’t know what’s sexier than that,” she added. When Christine became single, all she wanted was to have some fun while dating. She wanted to have a good time. Christine was okay with being “casual and everything.” Things changed when Christine met David. The couple crossed paths on a dating site for single parents called Stir. Christine revealed how the irony was that she found the app during a Sister Wives commercial break. David had eight children with 10 grandchildren. His wife lost her life due to suicide in 2012.

Christine realized that David was “the one” while she was on her way home from the date. She had another date scheduled for the night after meeting David, but Christine canceled it. She met David and knew that he was the “ice cream flavor” that she had long wanted to try. “And it was perfect. And then I was going to say something about a melting, but that was just too corny,” gushed Christine. The way the two of them “synced up so well” on the first date itself made Christine think, “This is it.” She had hired a matchmaker to help her with post-divorce dating.

Christine called the matchmaker and told them that she didn’t need their help anymore. David was the love of her life for Christine. She spoke about how he treated her like a queen. Kody from Sister Wives was not in love with Christine. He couldn’t bend the rules of polygamy to break up with her in their spiritual marriage. Christine and David made their relationship public in February 2023 and announced their engagement just two months later before exchanging vows in October. While their whirlwind romance did get a few disapproving nods, Christine is happily in love with both David and her new life without Kody.

Sister Wives: Christine & David’s Wedding airs January 7 and 14 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: E!News, Christine Brown/Instagram

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