I own an Apple Mac Mini and this holiday deal is worth getting after Christmas

We’re getting extremely close to the big day and there are still plenty of deals to take advantage of, especially for tech. One of the best holiday deals right now is for Apple‘s Mac Mini. This incredible Christmas sale brings down the cost of the desktop to its lowest price ever.

The Apple 2023 Mac Mini (256GB) is now $479 on Amazon, which is an amazing deal. It puts this computer at proper budget-minded pricing, which in this market of overpriced PCs is refreshing. If you need a bit more in the specs department, there’s also the Apple 2023 Mac Mini (512GB), which is $699 at Amazon, a steal at under $700.

I purchased the Apple Mac Mini due to my need for a highly efficient PC for productivity work, and it’s one of the best computers I’ve ever owned. Despite its standard version having so little storage compared to other Windows PCs, it’s easily the fastest desktop I’ve ever owned and is now my preferred one to use for work. The M2 chip truly works its magic in this regard.

Coupled with the fact that it’s so unbelievably tiny and you have an excellent work machine. This computer takes up so little space, it’s perfect for smaller office desks, leaving more space for monitors and other equipment. Not to mention that because it’s so efficient, it doesn’t give off any heat whatsoever, meaning you can essentially leave it on without worrying about overheating.

Today’s best Apple Mac Mini deals

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