If you’re going to CES, or anywhere with gadgets, you must jump on this Anker power bank charger deal

If you’re a die hard tech geek like me, post-Christmas deals deals are the last thing on your mind because CES 2024 is fast approaching. If you’re headed to Las Vegas, or if you’re traveling anywhere with a bunch of electronics, you need to have this Anker 733 2-in-1 power bank and wall charger. It’s really a perfect power device, and it’s on sale at Amazon for a great low price — only a few dollars more than the lowest price we’ve ever seen. 

I used to carry multiple chargers and at least one spare power bank, but with this ANker 733, I almost never have to carry more than one. It offers two USB C ports and one USB A. When it’s plugged into a wall outlet, it charges up to 65W, powerful enough to charge the best MacBook. When it’s unplugged, working as a battery, it will charge the iPhone 15 and other new phones at up to 30W, which is a fast enough charging rate for most popular phones. 

Frankly, you could buy three Anker Nano GaN chargers and a separate power bank and it would probably cost about the same. The best thing about the Anker 733 is that you can go directly from charging at the airport wall to charging in your airplane seat. You don’t even need to remove the cables from any of your phones, earpod cases, or tablets. Just pull the charger out of the outlet and now it’s a battery.

It’s amazing more power banks don’t have this capability, because it’s so obviously useful, you’ll wonder how you managed without a combo device like this. Currently, only the black and grey model is on sale, but there are other color options, including a Transformers tie-in. 

If you need more power, or more portability from your power bank, check out our list of favorites among the best power banks. We tested and lived with all of the top portable chargers, and while this Anker 733 was our overall favorite, there are plenty of great options to peruse. 

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