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Kevin Spacey plays a killer with no moral compass in the official trailer for Peter Five Eight, which marks his first leading role since his career imploded amid allegations of sexual misconduct in 2017.

Spacey’s assassin character, Peter, has a comedic streak as he’s called to a small mountain community to find a seemingly glamorous real estate agent with a dark secret, played by Jet Jandreau.

Peter targets Brenda, played by Rebecca de Mornay, for information at the urging of his powerful and shadowy boss, Mr. Lock, played by Jake Weber. Before long, guns are drawn and fired and car chases abound in the trailer as blood splatters and explosions disturb the sleepy town. Michael Zaiko Hall directs the feature.

Invincible Entertainment plans a limited release in theaters ahead of a home entertainment and video-on-demand rollout for the indie thriller that marks an attempt by Spacey to resurrect his acting career six years after it imploded amid dozens of sexual misconduct allegations. The rollout follows the House of Cards actor being found not guilty in a UK court sexual assault trial in July 2023.

Spacey is taking steps elsewhere to get back into the public eye, including booking his first comic book convention appearance, set for Feb. 16 to 18 at Mad Monster, the con held in Concord, North Carolina.

Peter Five Eight

Invincible Entertainment

That reentry follow a major career collapse. Spacey won Oscars for The Usual Suspects (1995) and American Beauty (1999). He also helped power Netflix’s early days of original programming with House of Cards, a starring role from which he was fired in the wake of sexual assault claims.

Spacey’s few public-facing moves in recent years have also been to reprise House of Cards’ Frank Underwood in a series of holiday videos, including one featuring ousted Fox News host Tucker Carlson last month.

Peter Five Eight is financed by Mad Honey and LTD Films and is a co-production of Ascent Films and Forever Safe.

Peter Five Eight

Invincible Entertainment

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