Secret Wars’ Secrets Point to Shock ‘Spider-Man’ Crossover

What’s going on in the Marvel universe right now? It would be quicker to list what isn’t going on. As we head ever closer to Deadpool 3‘s first-look trailer and a concrete Fantastic Four casting announcement, the MCU is splitting at the seams as updates regarding everything from Avengers: Secret Wars to Daredevil: Born Again to perhaps even the return of Iron Man come our way. We might just have the one MCU film out this year, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the world of Marvel is cooling down.

Pedro Pascal may or may not have been 100% confirmed as Mr. Fantastic

Panels from Marvel Comics 'Fantastic Four' featuring Reed Richards underneath an image of Pedro Pascal in HBO's 'The Last of US'.
Images via Marvel Comics/HBO

I know, that’s a weird, oxymoronic subheading right there — surely he’s either 100% confirmed or he’s not? — but that’s just where we’re at with the never-ending swirling vortex of rumors and reportage that is the Fantastic Four casting conversation. You see, first SAG-AFTRA claimed Pascal was working on FF immediately after wrapping on Gladiator 2… Then they took that down. Then director Matt Shakman shared the SAG confirmation on his Instagram… Then we realized we weren’t entirely sure if this is Shakman’s official Instagram or not. And so the wheel turns. Please, for the sake of our sanity, make that rumor the Deadpool 3 Super Bowl trailer will reveal the cast come true.

‘I heard Sam Raimi’s doing Secret Wars‘: A certain Spider-Man star is either spreading gossip or spoiling Marvel’s secrets

sam raimi
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

We essentially know nothing about Avengers: Secret Wars at present, which allows us to go crazy when it comes to imagining all the dream cameos that could take place in the Multiverse Saga’s sure-to-be mind-bending finale. Although a former Spider-Man actor hoping for an MCU comeback may have given the game away. Or maybe he’s just been reading the r/MarvelStudios_Spoilers subreddit. It’s hard to tell. Joe Manganiello, DC’s former Deathstroke and Flash Thompson in the Maguire Spidey movies, told that he wants to come back in Avengers 6. “I heard Sam Raimi’s doing Secret Wars, is that right?” he said. Don’t ask us, Joe. You’re the one who went to high school with Peter Parker…

Bob Iger basically just told us that Iron Man 4 is getting a greenlight any day now

Tony Stark spreads out his arms in a screencap from 2008's Iron Man superimposed over a cropped poster for Avengers: Endgame
Images via Marvel Studios

The Multiverse Saga has been all about expanding the MCU into new corners, with so many fresh legacy heroes introduced. Unfortunately, these new names and faces maybe haven’t caught on with audiences in quite the same way as the OG Avengers of the Infinity Saga. So that’s why Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that Marvel is “reducing volume” moving forward as well as focusing on its “stronger franchises.” In other words, we’re going to be getting fewer movies and shows and they’ll probably go back to focusing on established brands. By that logic, it feels as inevitable as Thanos that Iron Man 4 will be announced to be happening any day now, whether Robert Downey Jr. wants to return or not.

Deadpool 3 previews its Super Bowl trailer with some unexpected Daredevil: Born Again crossover

Deadpool forms a frame with his hands with Charlie Cox's Daredevil and Ben Affleck's Daredevil behind him
Photos via Marvel Television/20th Century Fox/Remix by Christian Bone

As said above, Marvel fans the world over are suddenly becoming die-hard sports lovers this weekend with the release of the new Deadpool 3 trailer (and much more besides). In the run-up to the first-look teaser’s release, some fresh promo art has leaked which offers a new tease at the incoming return of Jennifer Garner’s Elektra. Yes, apparently that is something that Marvel wants to promote, which suggests she’s going to be much bigger part of the threequel than expected. What’s more, unless our eyes are deceiving us, but it sure looks like there’s a little hint at Colin Farrell possibly dropping by as Bullseye once more. Daredevil devotees, clearly this is your moment.

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