The bad news about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera is really good news

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is at the top of our list of best camera phones, so of course we’re very interested in all of the rumors and leaks surrounding its likely successor, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. If you’re following closely, you may have been equally excited learning about the brighter display and new materials (titanium!) and disappointed learning about camera downgrades. Those downgrades actually have me hyped about the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s cameras; it feels like Samsung has finally been listening. 

First, a side-by-side comparison of what we have now in the Galaxy S23 Ultra and what we expect in next year’s model. The main camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a Samsung ISOCELL HP2 sensor with 200MP. It’s around 0.76-inches large, so not quite a full 1-inch sensor. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will likely use a slightly newer version of the same sensor, an ISOCELL HP2SX. That won’t be a big upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera lenses up close

The 10X periscope zoom lens is the one on the far right (Image credit: Future / Philip Berne)

The 3x optical zoom telephoto camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra is also tipped to stay the same on the S24 Ultra. It uses a 10MP sensor that is, frankly, quite small. The smaller sensor is less than one seventh the area of the big main sensor, so it’s too bad there’s no improvement coming.

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