This makes Samsung’s The Wall look tiny — LG’s 49-feet dual 4K business display is as big as two soccer goal posts and costs a cool half a million dollars


If, as they say, size matters, LG is throwing down the gauntlet with its latest release, a colossal 49-feet dual 4K business display. This mammoth screen, designed for use in corporate lobbies, conference centers, and auditoriums, dwarfs Samsung‘s The Wall, making it look positively tiny in comparison.

The LG 589″ SMD Dual 4K Direct View LED Indoor Ultimate Business Display, as it is formally known, comes with a hefty price tag of half a million dollars, but you do get a lot of screen for your money.

The 49-foot (589-inch) ‘ultra stretch’ screen consists of a 24 x 12 array of slim and lightweight displays seamlessly integrated in a cabinet that holds them all together.

Don’t stand too close

The display boasts a resolution of 7680 x 2160 and an aspect ratio of  32:9. Brightness is rated at 600 nits. Deep Black Technology, delivers content with impressive realism thanks to a 150,000:1 contrast ratio.

The display offers a wide 160° horizontal and vertical viewing angle, ensuring that every viewer has the best seat in the house, regardless of their position – so long as they don’t sit too close. The minimum viewing distance is 9-11 feet away.

The screen boasts a rugged design for added durability, protecting the LED chips from dust, static electricity, and physical impact.

The LG 589″ is powered by HDR10 and enhanced by LG’s HDR10 Pro2, which adds dynamic tone mapping to deliver over one billion color possibilities. It runs on LG’s webOS operating system and comes with a controller for simplified setup.

The size and technology behind it doesn’t come cheap, but if you have half a million dollars spare, and a place big enough to display this incredible screen, you can order it from B & H Foto & Electronics.

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