WWE Royal Rumble: Kevin Owens loses to Logan Paul, calls for a ‘rematch’

Logan Paul retained his US Championship title at the WWE Royal Rumble on Saturday, January 27. The Youtuber-turned-fighter defeated challenger Kevin Owens after the referee called off the match over a pair of brass knuckles. However, shortly after losing to Paul, Owens warned the Maverick with the call for a “rematch.” Meanwhile, the Impaulsive host shared a celebratory post on social media late last night.

Logan Paul defeats Kevin Owens, retains US Championship title
Logan Paul defeats Kevin Owens, retains US Championship title

Kevin Owens warns Logan Paul after WWE Royal Rumble defeat

During an after-match interview, Owens told WWE interviewer Cathy Kelley, “I hope Logan Paul knows, I’m coming for a rematch. There’s no way things can end this way. First of all, he brought in the brass knuckles.” Initially, there was some sort of hope that Owens might clinch his title match victory. But, it went downhill after Ryan Tran spotted him using the concealed weapon to hit Paul.

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In light of his ultimate disqualification, Owens said, “In French, that’s called a ‘poing américain’ which literally translates meaning American Fist, which is appropriate because he’s the United States Champion. Doesn’t do anything by the book, brings in American Fists, in trying to retain the US title.”

“Next time I get Logan Paul in the ring and that title is on the line, I’m winning that championship. I should be champion,” the 39-year-old wrestler added. However, despite losing to Paul, Owens was proud of his performance, especially slamming the YouTuber on a table. “At least, I put him through a table. You know what that’s called? A moral victory,” Owens explained.

Fans react to Logan Paul defending his US title

One fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “Congratulations Logan Paul for a fantastic win tonight !!” Another fan said, “Logan kinda pulled an Eddie Guerrero hahaha.” One more fan expressed, “The fans hated that 😂 Logan is good for wwe, I like his style.”

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