‘X-Men ‘97’ First Look Leaks as ‘Spider-Man 4’ Rumors Reignite Tom Holland Fears

It’s February, and we still have no news on either the cast of Fantastic Four or what exactly is happening with Spider-Man 4. Although, if you believe the latest word on the street, it sounds like Tom Holland may need even more convincing to sign back on than he did before…

At least, even if Marvel Studios might not be happy about it, a leaked look at an upcoming MCU project has installed even more faithful among the faithful that this one could be really special. Who knows, Deadpool 3 might want to watch out as it could even end up as Phase 5’s most acclaimed hit. But first:

Don’t panic, but Spider-Man 4 is rumored to be losing one of Tom Holland’s most trusted collaborators

A scared-looking MJ (Zendaya) and an alarmed Peter Parker (Tom Holland) superimposed over Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) winking from Spider-Man: No Way Home.
Images via Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

As much as fans might want him to play Peter Parker forever, there’s a distinct worry that Tom Holland is about to say “Spider-Man No More” and quit the franchise. We still have every faith that he’ll come back for Spider-Man 4, but the latest alleged scoop about Spidey’s MCU return isn’t exactly encouraging on this front. It’s being claimed that Jon Watts won’t return to helm the next movie, after directing the entire prior trilogy. Seeing as Holland and Watts had such a successful working relationship, it would be easy to imagine him deciding to move on as well. Zendaya, please do us all a favor and, next time you’re snuggling up rewatching Homecoming, convince him to make another one.

X-Men ’97 first-look leak once again proves why it could secretly be the best MCU Phase 5 project

X-Men '97 Hellfire Gala cover crop
Image via Marvel Comics

What’s the next Marvel Studios show coming to Disney Plus? The answer, although a lot of fans might be overlooking its existence, is X-Men ’97, the animated continuation of 1990s classic X-Men: The Animated Series. Although it remains to be seen if widespread audiences will respond to this shameless bit of nostalgia-bait for ’90s kids, all the signs are pointing to it wowing the hardcore fandom. This may not be how Marvel wanted us to see it, but a leaked image offering our inaugural glimpse at the show’s animation style is earning total adoration for how, well, un-What If…? it is. Look out for more official teases as we near its streaming release this March.

Simu Liu wants a Shang-Chi 2 ASAP, but is that Kenough to convince Kevin Feige?

Image via Marvel Studios

He was Ken, but if you ask Marvel fans Simu Liu was already a ten thanks to his winning turn as the title character in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings — which remains the highest-rated Multiverse Saga movie outside of No Way Home. It’s surprising, then, that we’ve heard so little about the chances of a Shang-Chi 2 happening. So the Barbie star admitting on social media that a sequel really needs to happen may be an indication that, unfortunately, it’s still not actually happening. Remember, Liu previously said the project is stuck in a kind of limbo and now has little hope of arriving before Avengers: Secret Wars in 2027. Is it Shang-Chi’s destiny to live and die a life of one-film fragility?

Put that manly hand in mine as more Marvel updates arrive daily, from the Eternals allegedly living on in a new medium to Kingpin borrowing a page from Donald Trump’s textbook.

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