I trained like Henry Cavill every day for a week by doing fasted cardio, and I hated it and loved it in equal measure

Chances are, if you’ve clicked on this article, you know who Henry Cavill is: the Queen’s English-speaking, famously ripped star of Man of Steel, the Witcher and Mission Impossible: Fallout and other big action films. He’s made a big impact on the fitness scene: ‘Henry Cavill workout’ is one of the most popular fitness search terms on the internet for men of a certain demographic.  

Despite the fact I’ve never met him, I do know Henry Cavill and I share several things in common: we both love Warhammer, chunky fantasy books and running. That’s more or less where this pseudo-parasocial bromance ends: I don’t share his physique, for starters. However, with a little time, my best running watch and my best running shoes, I certainly could train like him, in the interest of trying it as a challenge to commemorate the start of TechRadar’s Get Fit for ‘24 week of fitness content.

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