“NFL would get even richer if Ja Morant was a football player”

NFL wide receiver Justin Jefferson has drawn comparisons to NBA point guard Ja Morant following the Minnesota Vikings star’s latest celebration. Jefferson is one of pro football’s most electrifying talents. He is also a bit controversial.

In the Vikings’ Week 4 21-13 win over the Carolina Panthers, Jefferson busted out the “too small” celebration, an antic often used by NBA players. Under NFL rules, the move was considered “taunting.” He was fined $10,927 for it.

On Saturday, Justin Jefferson took it several notches higher by using his fingers to mimic a gun and then pointing it at the camera. Under football rules, that constitutes a “violent gesture.” The reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year was docked $13,659 for the celebration.

Fans on Twitter/X reacted to both the celebration and the fine:

“The @NFL would get even richer if JA Morant was a football player”

Ja Morant’s issue wasn’t just any gun celebration during a game. The Memphis Grizzlies superstar had two gun-flexing incidents on Instagram that quickly became viral. He first did it in March this year. The NBA responded by handing out an eight-game suspension for what the league called “conduct detrimental to the league.”

Two months later, Morant did it again after telling NBA Commissioner Adam Silver about his remorse and promise to do better. He was suspended for 25 games. Four games after returning from the said second suspension, the All-Star guard was seemingly back at it again.

Following a late-game dunk against the New Orleans Pelicans on Dec. 26, Ja Morant looked like he flexed a gun celebration. The point guard explained that it was a popular LSU move rather than a mockery of anyone or anything. Since the game was in New Orleans, Pelicans fans were likely familiar with his celebration.

Still, he was blasted on social media by several former NBA players for shooting imaginary bullets into the stands. Unlike Justin Jefferson, though, Morant wasn’t fined for it.

The Memphis Grizzlies will have a tough time making the play-in tournament even with Ja Morant’s return

Like Justin Jefferson’s Minnesota Vikings, Ja Morant’s Memphis Grizzlies are in danger of making the playoffs. At the most, the Vikings can push for a wildcard berth. In the Grizzlies case, the play-in tournament is possibly the best they can achieve.

Memphis is 4-1 since Morant’s return. However, the Grizzlies are still 13th in the Western Conference with a 10-21 record. They are 5.5 games behind the Houston Rockets (15-15) for the 10th spot and the last play-in tournament ticket.

To get to that spot, Morant and crew will have to overtake the Utah Jazz (13-19) and the Golden State Warriors (15-16). Memphis played catchup right from the get-go due to the point guard’s suspension and injuries to key players.

Ja Morant can push his team for a play-in spot but the Grizzlies may already be in too deep of a hole to make it out.

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